Friday, September 03, 2004

Bell Nouvelles 7.4

September, 2004
Bell Nouvelles in short:

-good Summer youth camps
-some good progress on my dissertation
Prayer Requests:
-evangelistic activity with children
-beginning of weekly children's club
-special meetings about Creationism
-several couples struggling with marital problems

Dear praying friends,

I'm sure that this letter finds you busy with all of the usual activities of September. Here schools will be getting started in a few weeks and this year Andrea will be accompanying David! I'm sure it will be a learning experience for her.

Since our last letter we have enjoyed some good activities with the church. It was wonderful in July to have a nice church picnic one Saturday afternoon. We had a good turnout and enjoyed some good games together and then some time to sing, share blessings and listen to a challenge. We are looking forward to doing more of this type of activity and encouraging all to invite unsaved friends so that they can have contact with the Gospel this way.

The beginning of August found me at young people's camp in Guadalajara. We had a good week based on the theme: "Risk it!" It was a good challenge to step out for the cause of Christ and take some Biblical "risks." This year we had six young people from the church attend camp. Just three weeks later, our family and eleven others from our congregation returned to camp for a family retreat. It was a real blessing to have the church families involved in the camp this year.

This month we have several special activities that I would like to request prayer for. First of all, we are trying to organize an activity in the park again this year to witness to the families of our community. This will be the fifth year that we have done this activity. However, we seem to be having problems this year with getting permission from the town hall. Please pray that we will be able to turn in all that we need to turn in to get the required permission.

Following that activity, we will begin our Saturday morning children's classes once again. Last year we had a number of contacts with families through the children, and we trust that the Lord will continue to bless again this year.

This month will also mark the start of the new year in the Bible Institute. We trust that God will give us another good year. Last year, we had over 15 active students, and we trust that we'll have a similar number this year.

Finally, at the end of September, we have some special meetings scheduled on the subject of Creationism. We would like to stress the reliability of the Bible right from its beginning, and we trust that these meetings will encourage the church in that area.

One final prayer request that we would like to give you involves several couples who are friends of ours. All of them seem to having real struggles right now in their marriages. We are praying hard for them that they will be able to get the victory over these struggles and not end up in divorce.

On the family front, the kids are all doing well. As I mentioned before, David and Andrea will be in school soon, Andrea for the first time. Daniel is 21 months now and has turned into a real clown.

Thank you for your prayers,

David and Maribel