Monday, October 26, 2009

October 20-26

On Tuesday we had our midweek study on the Psalms and a time of prayer. We looked at Psalm 8 this week, the first psalm which is truly a worship psalm. Maria Eugenia was out of town on Tuesday so she did not make it to the study. The Bible study with Antonio and Gloria continues to go well. We are studying the book of James. Yesterday in the morning service I continued our series of sermons on the conversations with the Master. We looked at the short interchange between Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus emphasized the importance of faith, a necessary quality if we are to draw near to God. In the evening we continued our study in Romans. We looked at chapter 2 last night, where Paul points to how God will judge the human race. Without the saving work of Christ, all will fall under condemnation. He continues to prepare the path for the good news of the gospel.

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 13-19

Our activities this week were normal according to schedule. On Sunday Israel preached about the Samaritan at the well. After his sermon, there were many good thoughts expressed about the message, and a profitable time of meditation and reflection. In the evening we continue our Bible study on the book of Romans.

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 6-12

On Sunday I began a new series of sermons on Christ's conversations throughout the Gospels. We began with Nicodemus. Jesus taught him that a relationship with God was possible only through a new, spiritual birth. At first Nicodemus had difficulty understanding what Jesus was telling him, but as the conversation porgressed, Jesus clearly confronted him with his need to be born again. In the evening we spent some time looking at the introduction to the book of Romans. Lord willing we will spend the next few months studying an overview of this great epistle.

Friday, October 09, 2009

September 30-October 7

This week was a very special one for several reasons. First of all, we celebrated baptisms this week. I have had a series of studies with Antonio and Gloria since they asked to be baptised after we got back from the USA. Two of my children, David and Andrea expressed the desire to be baptised. So I had some studies with them as well to prepare them for baptism. Yesterday in our morning service, Israel preached about Christ's interaction with Mary and Martha. It was a blessing to see how the Lord used the message to stir hearts. After our morning service, the whole congregation went to Antonio and Gloria's house. We had a barbecue lunch, and then we had a special testimony service. All four candidates gave a clear salvation testimony and then were baptised publicly. There were several unsaved visitors present who heard a clear testimony to the Gospel.

It was also a special week because on Friday I taught the first class of my course on Biblical Hebrew. A Christian student at the university approached me some time back about learning Hebrew. It has been a long process to get the official recognition of this course, but it has finally happened. I have 12 students in the course. I trust that the Lord will open doors to share Christ through this class.

Our other activities of the week went as scheduled. Maria Eugenia was present at our midweek study and prayer meeting.

David & Maribel
"servabis pacem pacem quia in te speravimus; sperastis in Domino in saeculis aeternis" Is 26.3-4