Monday, November 30, 2009

November 24-30

The different activities of this week went well. I had a good study with Antonio and Gloria on Tuesday, and a good group for the university Bible study on Wednesday. For our prayer time this week it was just our family, but we had a good time of study and prayer together. We did not celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday because we were busy with work and school. So instead we planned to celebrate it on Sunday at church. Of course we focused on the spiritual side of the holiday instead of the cultural aspect of the pilgrims and indians (not to mention football). Since we normally have a church meal once a month, we all stayed and had a big Thanksgiving dinner together. It was a wonderful blessing to share that time of special fellowship. But it was extra special because one of the ladies who hosted a student from BJU last year came to the service. She participated in all the activities of the day and was the last one to leave our house. What a blessing to see the Lord work in this way. She is the first person from our town to visit more than one service in the two and a half years we have lived here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 17-23

Since Antonio and Gloria missed the service last week because of illness, I took the time at our study to look at the passage I had preached on Sunday. We had a good time of conversation together about the story of Zacchaeus. Israel was able to make it to our prayer meeting this week, so he joined our family as we looked at a psalm and then spent time together in prayer. On Wednesday at the university we had a good group. I am still trusting that some of my students will come and that the other students will be able to invite some of their friends. But we have been having good studies with the young people from church who have been faithful. I had a special weekend because I attended a prayer conference in Alcalá de Henares. It was a special blessing because I took Emilio with me. We enjoyed the train ride up to Madrid together, and I even was able to witness to the lady who sat across from us. We spent Friday evening and all day Saturday with believers from all over Spain. Yesterday in our morning service Israel preached from Jesus' conversation with Pilate. Then in the evening I led the Bible study from Romans.

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 10-16

One special highlight from this week was the fact that both Gloria's brother and niece came for the Bible study. We continued looking at James 1, and both asked good questions. Our family enjoyed a nice time of study from the Psalms and prayer on Tuesday evening. The study at the university continues to go well too. On Sunday I preached about Christ's conversation with Zacchaeus. We can only imagine the entire conversation around the table, but the result was that Zacchaeus became a son of Abraham anew that day as he placed his faith in God's promised Messiah. In the evening we had our study at Ángel and Patricia's house. Some friends of theirs came, so there was a good size group as we continued our study in Romans 3.

It was also Maribel's birthday this week. We were able to spend some special time together on the day and make plans for further celebration with friends and family. I thank the Lord for the wife He has given me and all she means to me in the ministry that God has called us to, both in our family and in the church.

Monday, November 09, 2009

November 3-9

This week at the study with Antonio and Gloria I was pleased to have Gloria's brother present. He participated in the study and later told her that he was going to make plans to be present every week at the Bible study. Our prayer meeting was back down to our family, but we had a good time of study and prayer together. I was also able to have a Bible study with another family in the congregation on Friday. On Sunday morning I preached from the story of the gentile woman who asked Christ to heal her daughter. This story once again stresses the importance of faith as we approach the Lord. In the evening we started looking at Romans 3.

Monday, November 02, 2009

October 27-November 2

I recently started studying the book of James with Antonio and Gloria. This week we looked at the necessity of wisdom to get through the trials of life. They both are very actively interested in the study. For our prayer time, Israel was able to join us this week as we continue to look at the Psalms and pray together. Also this week I was able to begin a Bible study at the university. This is something that I did last year for the first time. This year I trust that God will continue to use this time to encourage students who are believers and to reach unbelievers with the message of salvation. On Sunday Israel preached about the rich young ruler. After his sermon, there were good comments by different members. The Lord used the sermon to move our hearts! It was also the day we had our monthly church fellowship. So we enjoyed a good potluck meal together and then in the afternoon, a study from Romans 2.