Friday, March 31, 2006

Visiting with the Young People

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Last month we had the young people from church over and decided to get them involved in the ministry in a special way. Since we have several older people who can't make it out to services, we took this group of young people and sang for them. It was an encouraging time for all involved!

Friday, March 03, 2006


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Just wanted to put a few pictures on the Blog. This is a picture of Maribel and me at our annual couple's banquet at church. What a blessing it was to have good evening of Christian fun/fellowship/food with other believers and a few unbelievers.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bell Nouvelles 9.1

February, 2006
Bell Nouvelles in short:
-a wonderful youth retreat
-a special wedding
-a good start to 2006 and our theme of evangelism
-spiritual growth in new converts
-increased growth in church members
-wisdom for future plans
-new contacts
Dear friends,

I would like to begin this letter by commenting on a few changes. Let me first of all mention that I now have a page with pictures of our family and ministry for anyone who is interested in taking a look ( I am trying to put a new picture there at least once a week, so if you want to bookmark the page, you can look at it from time to time! Also, I sent out a letter in January, but it is too large to include here. If you follow the link below, you will be able to download the file (but only during the next week). If you cannot manage to download the file and would like for me to send you a copy, please feel free to write and ask for it.

Well, to get down to the news about the ministry. The last time I wrote we were just heading into the Christmas season, and we had a youth retreat ahead of us. The Lord gave us a wonderful time with the young people as we studied the book of Haggai. How I thank the Lord for the opportunity to share with them what the Lord had laid on my heart through that book. Our Christmas program was also a blessing; we even had several unsaved people in attendance. The Lord truly seemed to be working through that program. We trust that we will continue to see fruit through this type of effort.

We have chosen a theme/motto for 2006: "Always prepared to share our hope. (1 Pet. 3.15)" We are trying to keep this before the church constantly encouraging our people to take advantage of opportunities to witness. Besides the blessing and challenge that this has been in my own life already, we have been blessed with testimonies already of how the Lord has opened doors for different ones in the congregation to share our hope. I trust that the Lord will use this emphasis to build up His church this year as individuals catch a vision for sharing Christ with others. Please pray for this theme that we will see fruit this year.

We have had other special activities recently. In January we had our first wedding in the church in eighteen years. The Lord allowed us to have a beautiful ceremony for Elias and Maru, and there was a very clear gospel presentation and testimony in both the ceremony and the banquet. Please pray for this new couple that the Lord help them build their relationship firmly on His word. In February we had our annual couple's meal. Once again this year we had several unsaved people in attendance, and they were able to enjoy a nice evening of food and fellowship, as well as hear a challenge from the Bible.

Maribel has been going back to school this year. She is working on another degree at the university here in educational psychology. It has been a blessing to see the ways that the Lord has opened up doors for her to be a testimony with her classmates and teachers already. We are also excited about the future doors for ministry that this degree will open up. I know she would appreciate your prayers as she juggles her duties at home, church, and now school.

I would like to ask your prayer for one more detail. We have been feeling like perhaps the Lord may be opening up the door for us to plant a new church here in Spain. We are not sure yet where the Lord will lead us exactly, but we sincerely desire your prayers for us as we seek the Lord's guidance and then make plans for this new step in the ministry.

On the home front, the kids are doing great. David continues to grow and amaze us with his tender heart for the things of the Lord. Every day we see how Andrea is maturing and helping out with all kinds of details around the house. She is definitely a little mother to her brothers at times, whether or not they want it, of course. And Daniel is such a sweet blessing to us. His joyful spirit is truly an encouragement for us many times.

David & Maribel
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