Monday, November 23, 2009

November 17-23

Since Antonio and Gloria missed the service last week because of illness, I took the time at our study to look at the passage I had preached on Sunday. We had a good time of conversation together about the story of Zacchaeus. Israel was able to make it to our prayer meeting this week, so he joined our family as we looked at a psalm and then spent time together in prayer. On Wednesday at the university we had a good group. I am still trusting that some of my students will come and that the other students will be able to invite some of their friends. But we have been having good studies with the young people from church who have been faithful. I had a special weekend because I attended a prayer conference in Alcalá de Henares. It was a special blessing because I took Emilio with me. We enjoyed the train ride up to Madrid together, and I even was able to witness to the lady who sat across from us. We spent Friday evening and all day Saturday with believers from all over Spain. Yesterday in our morning service Israel preached from Jesus' conversation with Pilate. Then in the evening I led the Bible study from Romans.

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