Monday, November 30, 2009

November 24-30

The different activities of this week went well. I had a good study with Antonio and Gloria on Tuesday, and a good group for the university Bible study on Wednesday. For our prayer time this week it was just our family, but we had a good time of study and prayer together. We did not celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday because we were busy with work and school. So instead we planned to celebrate it on Sunday at church. Of course we focused on the spiritual side of the holiday instead of the cultural aspect of the pilgrims and indians (not to mention football). Since we normally have a church meal once a month, we all stayed and had a big Thanksgiving dinner together. It was a wonderful blessing to share that time of special fellowship. But it was extra special because one of the ladies who hosted a student from BJU last year came to the service. She participated in all the activities of the day and was the last one to leave our house. What a blessing to see the Lord work in this way. She is the first person from our town to visit more than one service in the two and a half years we have lived here!

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