Monday, October 26, 2009

October 20-26

On Tuesday we had our midweek study on the Psalms and a time of prayer. We looked at Psalm 8 this week, the first psalm which is truly a worship psalm. Maria Eugenia was out of town on Tuesday so she did not make it to the study. The Bible study with Antonio and Gloria continues to go well. We are studying the book of James. Yesterday in the morning service I continued our series of sermons on the conversations with the Master. We looked at the short interchange between Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus emphasized the importance of faith, a necessary quality if we are to draw near to God. In the evening we continued our study in Romans. We looked at chapter 2 last night, where Paul points to how God will judge the human race. Without the saving work of Christ, all will fall under condemnation. He continues to prepare the path for the good news of the gospel.

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