Monday, March 14, 2005

Bell Nouvelles 8.1 Pictures

I've decided to make a separate post this month with some special pictures, either of family or of people at church.

This young lady has been very special to us this year. She is an exchange student from France who is studying at the university here in Alicante. A missionary in France contacted us a year ago about her time here, and she is currently living with a lady from church. Her sweet Christian spirit has been a blessing to all, and her willingness to be involved in the minstry is a wonderful testimony. We are really going to miss her when she goes back to France at the end of this year!

For Valentine's Day, we had a special meal for couples. This gentleman has been coming to our church for about a year and a half. He was a Flamenco musician when he was younger, and he entertained us with some special guitar music during the supper. I have been working with him on a special number of a hymn to play in a service sometime soon. It has been very enjoyable for both of us.

The Soto family were in our church over ten years ago. Then he took a job in another part of Spain and they left. The Lord recently brought them back, and they have been a real blessing. Emilio has a real gift with people, and they have brought several unsaved vistors with them over the past few months. What a blessing it is to see the people of the church with a burden for souls.

The other day it was snowing up in the mountains, just 45 min. from our house. So we took the kids up to play in the snow. I took this picture of Maribel and liked it so much I decided to publish it here. I realized that I normally publish pictures of the kids, and my wife doesn't get much coverage. So, here she is!

David and Andrea, besides going through chickenpox together with their little brother last month, are also going through the toothless stage. Here they are showing off their respective gaps!

Andrea just turned five this month. Here she is at her party. The kids really had fun hitting this piƱata until it finally started to break (we had to help it along a little, or they would have destroyed everything inside). I should have gotten a picture of the kids diving for the toys, but oh well.


Ted Miller said...

The kids are really growing fast--great pictures, David! We're praying for you and Maribel!

Janelle Hallberg said...

It's wonderful to continue to hear about your ministry. I especially like seeing the photos of the church family as well as your family. You all are in my prayers!

Bellscribe said...

Hi David,
We really enjoyed seeing all the pictures, especially of the new folks in the church! We're looking forward to meeting them in a few months. It looks like Andrea had a fun birthday celebration. I had a good birthday too.
Mom & Dad

Bobby Wood said...

Hey David,
Thanks for the info on the website. It is really exciting for me to read about friends that I grew up with faithfully serving the Lord in other countries. We are putting you on our "Missionary list" for our nightly prayers with my kids. Keep us informed as to how to pray.
Your Fellowlaborer in Christ,
Bobby Wood