Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bell Nouvelles 8.5

December, 2005
Bell Nouvelles in short:
-a good trip to the USA
-special meetings have been a blessing
-new outreach in the park
-spiritual growth in new convert
-youth retreat
-goals for the new year
-new contacts

Dear friends,
Since the last letter I sent, it seems like so many things have
happened. How we praise the Lord for the good trip that he gave us to
the United States in August and September. We were able to spend four
weeks visiting churches, family, and friends. It was a special
blessing for me to share with many of you what the Lord in doing in
His church here in Alicante. I returned with a renewed desire to be
faithful in the ministry.
Since we got back, things have been very busy. Among the normal
activities of life and ministry, I have made two trips to preach in
other churches. It was a special blessing to be with Juan Alvarez up
in the Basque Region for a weekend of special meetings. We were very
thrilled to meet the believers who have joined the church since the
last time we were there five years ago. I was also able to speak at a
special prayer meeting up near Madrid. The time there with other
pastors and misionaries was a great encouragement as well.
We are very excited about how the Lord continues to work at church.
One ministry that I would like to highlight is our outreach to
children. One of our deacons reorganized the weekly children's club
to be able to have it out in the public park during the warmer months
before winter set in. It was a wonderful testimony to have new
children listen to the Bible lessons and missionary story every week.
We even had two boys come to church one morning for Sunday school!
Maribel was able to sit down with them and explain the entire plan of
salvation with them. Both of them made professions of faith, although
they have not been back to church since. Please pray for the seed
which was planted in their lives.
We continue to see spiritual growth in the lives of the church
people. We are very encouraged by Mari. She accepted the Lord as her
Savior earlier this year, and in spite of many difficulties in her
life, she has remained faithful to the Lord. Her son has also shown
real signs of spiritual growth. This type of growth is a wonderful
encouragement to all! We also appreciate your prayers for a young
couple in our church which will get married in January. This is the
first couple to get married in our church, and we are very excited
about how the Lord has worked in their lives. Please pray that the
Lord will make them a firm family in His church.
As we move into the holiday season, there are many special
activities before us. Please pray for us this weekend as I preach at
a young people's retreat for the Elche youth group. Also, we are
working very hard on our Christmas cantata which, Lord willing, we
will present the Sunday after next. We have encouraged our people
about inviting the unsaved for this program. Please pray that
visitors will come and hear the gospel.
On the home front, the kids continue to grow and mature. Daniel
turned three last month, and he continues to bring much joy to the
family. David and Andrea are full of excitement and activity. How we
praise the Lord for the family He has given us and pray that He will
work in their lives.

Thank you so much for taking time to read about our ministry and pray
for us when you think of us. May the Lord bless you.

David & Maribel
En MMV civitatem fundamenta habentem expectans

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