Monday, December 04, 2006

November 27-December 3

        It is hard to believe that another month has gone by! It is even harder to believe that we are in December all ready. The unusually warm weather for this time of year has made it even harder to believe. Last week was my last week of classes for the Bible institute. We dealt with the introduction to Acts and talked about several themes, including tongues in the New Testament. The students are now preparing for their final exam today. We are continuing on with our Bible study with Lorenzo and Ana María. We are dealing with what the Bible says about raising children. How I praise the Lord for their desire to learn! Our choir continues to work on the Christmas cantata we are preparing with the choir from Elche. Things are going well. Our son David is playing the xylophone in the orchestra, and both he and Andrea are singing in the children's choir. They are also preparing a Christmas drama with the other children to be presented next Sunday. The cantata will be the following Sunday.
        Yesterday we had a very special day. In the morning service we had a baby dedication for the couple that I married a year ago. The Lord has blessed them with a little boy, and they wanted to publicly show their desire to raise him for the Lord. They invited unsaved family members for the special service. In the evening I preached on a topic that at least one family in the church was struggling with. They did not understand why we did not let the women preach. I spoke to them yesterday morning to let them know that I was going to be preaching on that topic but that I was not trying to single them out. Rather I wanted to explain why we do what we do from the Bible. I tied the whole message together with the idea of submission: are we, as the bride of Christ, willing to submit to the pattern for His Church that He has set up? After I preached, I spoke with the husband again and mentioned to him that we could get together to discuss the issue more or to answer any questions, but he told me that it was not necessary because he now holds to the same conviction that we have! All he needed was to hear the topic presented from the Bible! Praise the Lord.

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