Monday, August 27, 2007

August 20-26

This week we went up to a family camp in Guadalajara. The kids really enjoyed the time with other children, and it was a blessing for us to share with other Christians. The theme of the week was placing your eyes on Jesus. I taught one of the morning classes on the theme of dealing with disillusion. I appreciated the opportunity to preach, but most of all, I needed that study for myself! There have been several situations which have been difficult for me to take. I worked from the passage about Elijah in 1 Kings 19 to talk about how the vision of faith can carry us through those low moments when it seems like nothing makes sense.

Our service this morning went well. Lorenzo and Ana María were here, along with Luciana, a lady who worked with them when they lived in Gandía. I preached from Ecclesiastes 7 about the balance in life that a correct attitude towards the Lord brings. In the evening we attended the service in Alicante. Lorenzo and I rode the bus down since we did not all fit in the car. It was a blessing to be able to talk with him more. He feels very clearly that God wants them to serve here in Petrer and help us begin this work. They are continuing to look for a house and work in this area. He also told me that they would like to be baptized. We have talked before about this topic, but now seems to be the right time. Lord willing we will be having a baptismal service sometime within the next two weeks!

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