Tuesday, October 02, 2007

September 24-30

This past week I began a Bible study with Sergio, the 12 year-old son of Maríá Eugenia. I was not too sure if he was very excited about the study, but his mother mentioned that he made some positive comments about the study to her! I want to take advantage of this situation, and work with him as much as we can. He has been coming over to our house several times a week to play with the kids.

This weekend was an exciting time for our little body of believers. Lorenzo and Ana María have been praying about moving here. Lorenzo made a few phone calls several weeks ago, but it seemed that nobody needed workers. Then, last week he got a call from a different business. They told him that they had heard a lot of good things about him and wanted him to come for an interview. At first he wondered if we had given someone his phone number, but it was obviously the Lord's doing! He went for the interview on Saturday morning, and it looks like he will start work here just as soon as he can bring his family up. They are hoping that by the end of the month of October they can be living up here. It is such a blessing to see their faith and how God is working out one detail after another.

On Sunday morning I finished up my series on Ecclesiastes. The sermon was a general overview of the book and all of the lessons we have been learning throughout this series. Unfortunately, Maria Eugenia was not able to be there, but we were able to go and spend several hours with her in her home on Sunday afternoon. We had a good time of prayer with her. Her situation with her husband continues to be difficult, but she is trusting in the Lord to bring her through.

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