Monday, November 24, 2008

November 18-24

This was the second week of our Bible study on campus at the university. This week there were three young people at the study. We had a good time looking at Colossians and then a good time of questions and discussion afterwards. On Saturday night I played in a concert for our local band. After the concert we had a meal, and I was able to talk to several people about why we moved here. I trust the Lord will use this testimony to open other doors of ministry.

Yesterday we had a very full day. Our morning service went well. We had hoped to see Antonio and Gloria, but apparently she has not been feeling well at all after her last treatment. I preached on the seventh miracle in John, the resurrection of Lazarus. I focused particularly on three elements: the opposition to Christ's ministry, the love He felt towards Lazarus and his sisters, and the main focus of the miracle, faith. After the service we all went to the Soto's house for our monthly church meal. After a good meal and time of fellowship, we had our evening service. This was the last week of our series on doctrines. I talked about our doctrine of salvation, specifically the details about the atonement. After the service, Lorenzo and I went down to Elche to play in the service there. We repeated the special numbers that we prepared for Valencia last weekend.

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