Monday, December 21, 2009

December 15-21

I met with Antonio and Gloria this week for the Bible study. It was an especially good study, because the passage we talked about dealt perfectly with a need they were facing. The Lord is so good to use His word like that. On a different note, it has been very cold over the past few days, and this weekend we got a lot of rain. So on Saturday morning when we woke up, we found that all of the mountains around our city were covered with snow. It made for a nice excursion with the kids to go and play in the snow. This weekend we planned a series of special meetings for christmas. On Saturday evening we met with the majority of the believers for a time of fellowship and teaching about the person and work of Jesus. Then we continued on Sunday with an all day activity including lunch. It was a wonderful time of fellowship for our little congregation, and the people responded very well to the preaching.

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Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord for the discipleship with this couple! What a blessing to have a some who are interested in studying.

Wonderful about the Bible studies too with the College students. What an awesome oportunity.

So glad to be able to follow your ministry this way. thank you for your faithfulness all these years!

God bless,
Daniela Contreras