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Bell Nouvelles 14.3

Bell Nouvelles 14.3

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– Studies on campus

– Other Bible studies

– New contacts


– Salvation of new contacts

– Tracts

– A building for the church

– Young people in the church

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November 6, 2011

Dear partners in the ministry,

We thank the Lord for the opportunities of service we had in the month of October. With the new school year under way, we have been able to go back to several ministries after the summer break. One involves the Bible study on the campus of the University of Alicante. So far, we have had a small group, but I am very thankful for the visit of one of my students who lives in our town of Petrer. He listened carefully and participated in the study. I pray that we will be able to carry on this contact and pray that God will bring him to salvation. We are also carrying on with several other studies. I have been meeting every week with several young men who are interesting in learning more about the ministry, and I continue to meet with Antonio every week to disciple him. We also continue to have our Sunday evening Bible studies in the homes of church people, where they can invite friends and make new contact with people. Little by little we see Christ building His church and are thrilled to be part of it!

We would like to ask you to continue to pray with us about the possibility of renting a small building for the church here in Petrer. Also this month we will be printing and distributing a new gospel postcard. Please pray that the Lord would touch hearts through this effort and give us new opportunities to show Christ’s love to our community. Finally, I would like to ask you to pray for the young people from church and their families. In the past few months some of them have been struggling. Please pray that God would work in these young people’s lives and give the families special wisdom from above.

Thank you as always for your interest in and prayer for God’s work here in Spain.

David & Maribel

Sum contenti Deõ enim dixit non me deseret neque derelinquet (Heb. 13.5)

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