Monday, March 02, 2009

February 24-March 02

I am very thankful for yet another week with opportunities to minister
the Word. I met with Antonio and Gloria for another study this week.
Much to my surprise, her brother ate with us and was in on the study
as well. Later he shared some of his poetry with me. One of his poems
was about faith. This opened the door for more conversation. But the
most beautiful part of the afternoon was hearing Antonio witness to
his brother-in-law. He shared with him, in his own style, some of the
same concepts that I went through with them several months ago. What a
blessing it is to see the Lord at work! My class in the Bible
institute continues to go well. We discussed the Baptist distinctives
this week. Maribel continues to have good attendance at the Bible
study on Fridays with the ladies, and the Lord has given us a steady
attendance of four or five at the Bible study at the university. I
have more students who are interested, but it is hard to work out a
schedule when all of them can attend. On Sunday I preached from
Ephesians 5 about imitating God. This is the true test of a changed
life. Before the service in the morning we celebrated the Lord's table
together once again. It was a blessing to hear how God has been
working in the congregation. In the evening Israel gave the study, and
there was a good little group. Maribel continues to work with the
smaller children, while the older young people and adults meet
together for the study.

David & Maribel
"vide ministerium quod accepisti in Domino ut illud impleas" Col 4.17

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