Friday, May 01, 2009

April 7-20

On Wednesday the kids finished their last day of school, so they came
home and packed up, and on Thursday we headed out for Germany. We
spent a week with a German family we met a few years ago when I spoke
at a camp up in Barcelona. It was a wonderful week of fellowship and
fun; a needed break for us. On Easter Sunday we were in a church
started by a group of Romanians. Even though we didn't understand the
language, it was a blessing to celebrate the Lord's resurrection with
these believers. We traveled back to Spain the following Thursday, but
turned right around and headed up to Madrid for the conference on
Isaiah. The Lord blessed with very good attendance. I taught from 9-5
(with a break for lunch of course). It was a wonderful day of
fellowship around the Word. On Sunday morning I preached from Isaiah 6
and then after lunch we headed home. We made it just in time for the
service, and I preached from Colossians 1. My voice was giving out,
but I made it through the weekend!

David & Maribel
"vide ministerium quod accepisti in Domino ut illud impleas" Col 4.17

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