Monday, June 21, 2010

June 15-21

This week we were able to make several visits with the lady who responded to one of our gospel postcards. She had an operation and was in the hospital. It was a good opportunity to encourage her and pray with her. We were even able to meet her family. We were very happy to see Emilio on Sunday. It has been many weeks since he was with us for a service because of very serious complications with his foot. We continue to pray for him and trust that the Lord will restore his health soon. I preached on Sunday from Nehemiah 4 and the opposition to the work. It is important that we be prepared to face opposition when we seek to serve the Lord. In the afternoon we had our Bible study at the house of one of the ladies of the church.

David & Maribel

"servabis pacem pacem quia in te speravimus; sperastis in Domino in saeculis aeternis" Is 26.3-4

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