Monday, October 10, 2011

Bell Nouvelles 14.2

Bell Nouvelles
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– Good summer study program
– New contacts for the gospel
– Camps
– God’s working in the congregation
– Youth activities with families
– Gospel postcards
– Rental facilities in Petrer
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October, 2011

Dear friends and family,

The last time I wrote we were about to receive 9 students from BJU for a summer course in Spanish. The Lord gave us a wonderful month with the students and John and Marcy Wolsieffer. Just as we did in 2009, we placed the students in homes of unsaved people around town. The students were a wonderful testimony to their families, and once again we had wonderful opportunities to share the gospel. We were especially encouraged by some new contacts who have continued to visit the services even after the students left. Please pray that the Lord would give us fruit which remains!

In July and August we were involved in several camps. We thank the Lord for His blessing upon the preaching and teaching of the Word. It was a special blessing for us to be able to share in a camp up north of Barcelona. I preached through the book of Ecclesiastes throughout the week, and it was exactly what I needed! We were also able to take some time off in between camps and enjoy some special time with my parents where were here visiting us.

With the congregation we have just finished a series of messages on the book of Numbers. We worked through many of the narrative passages of the book, gleaning teaching about what it takes to follow God’s leading in our lives. Lord willing we will soon begin a new series on the book of Hebrews.

One of our new goals is to start some regular activities with young people and their families. We want to encourage the young people and find ways to involve their parents in their spiritual growth as much as possible. We will also be printing and distributing another gospel postcard soon, Lord willing. Please continue to pray for open doors to minister the gospel to needy hearts. We would also like to ask you to pray with us about the possibility of finding a building. We have been meeting in our home for the past four years. Although we have plenty of space to carry out these meetings (we have fixed up our garage as a meeting hall), it seems that we will have a more “real” presence in our town if we have a specific building. We need the Lord’s wisdom to guide us in these steps and would greatly appreciate your prayers for us.

As far as family news goes, the kids continue to grow and advance. David is 13 this year and in 8th grade. Andrea (11) is in 6th and Daniel (8), in 4th. They continue to study in music the conservatory, each with piano and another instrument (French horn, flute and viola).

As always, thank you so much for your prayers and interest in the work here in Spain. We are thankful when we stop and consider the work that the Lord is doing in lives. Frequently, at the moment it seems like nothing much is happening, but when we stop and look back, we see God’s hand active.

David & Maribel
Sum contenti Deõ enim dixit non me deseret neque derelinquet (Heb. 13.5)

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