Monday, September 07, 2009

September 1-7

Last week we got back from the USA. We arrived on Saturday evening and got a good night's sleep before Sunday morning. For our service I preached about being true disciples and making disciples. It was a good service with nearly everyone present. After the sermon Antonio gave a testimony. He thanked the Lord that Gloria has been declared cancer free, and he announced publicly that they want to be baptized. Throughout the week we have been working on the house to get things in shape after being away all summer. On Wednesday we started our first semi-formal prayer meeting. Right now it is just our family, because no one else is close enough to come. We will be studying the Psalms and spending time in prayer together. Yesterday I preached from Acts 16 about difficulties that arise when we follow God. In the evening we had our first evening Bible study after the summer, and I spoke about true wisdom from James 3.

David & Maribel
"servabis pacem pacem quia in te speravimus; sperastis in Domino in saeculis aeternis" Is 26.3-4

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